Roger with his snapping turtle sculpture.

A Commission of a snapping turtle began for a client, who lived on Turtle Lake. The craftsman, Roger Loyson, then had to plan what material to use, how large would this turtle be, should this be abstract or closer to the real creature? Thus began an "education" about the last dinosaur! The project would span over a years time with 450 hours of hands-on work and some sleepless nights!!

Larger than life snapping turtle.

To read more about the process of creating this larger than life bronze sculpture click on to the link for Turtle Story.

Roger's work has taken him in many different directions and has allowed him to work with many different materials including steel, aluminum, fiberglass and bronze. Bronze is his favorite. "Once you work directly with the metal (bronze) it seems to speak to you, telling you what shape and form it desires." Visit the turtle and armadillo pages to view details of this bronze sculpture work.

This snapping turtle is highly detailed with Uniquely Hand-formed Repousse in Relief.

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