A bronze globe.

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These Bronze World Globes are made of solid bronze, including frame, continents, and base. Globes can symbolize world travel, international unity, space, communication, world faith, & education. Suitable for indoor and outdoor display. these globes project a positive image for any organization.

Available in 18", two, three or five foot diameter with many custom options, including:

  • Custom Patina - a variety of finishes are available.
  • Custom stands
  • Correct Tilt
  • LED lighting

Nestled in the woods of Northern Minnesota

Roger Loyson creates his own unique style of sculpture. His works ranges from realistic to abstract, using bronze, steel, copper and aluminum.

Projecting a postive image for any organization

Roger's work has taken him in many different directions and has allowed him to work with many different materials including steel, aluminum, fiberglass and bronze. Bronze is his favorite. "Once you work directly with the metal (bronze) it seems to speak to you, telling you what shape and form it desires." Visit the turtle and armadillo pages to view details of this bronze sculpture work.

Twin bronze globes.
Owl sculpture.
Bronze Pine Cone Heart with Citrine
Bronze trinket

With a love for gemstones and the "radiant quality" they bring to a piece, he has incorporated many varieties of stones into his work.

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